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Over the last decade, the internet has grown into the biggest platform for businesses to promote themselves. Businesses are always on the run in finding the most effective ways to market themselves online & generate more leads. However, with so many available options it becomes hard for business owners to implement the right strategy for their business. Just Networking & running online ads isn’t enough nowadays to connect with new customers, businesses need to stand out from their competition to generate meaningful & valuable leads.

By generating quality leads businesses can:-

  • Increase their sales
  • Create more awareness about themselves
  • Build a positive ROI
  • Get valuable information about their customers
  • Save on advertisement costs

So how can one get the best leads Online, you might ask?

Well, I wish this was as easy as sharing a post on FB or Instagram but it’s really not. Businesses really have to go all out if they want their websites to be a magnet for quality leads. You need to build a strategy that attracts & converts your potential customers. But with the right tools & ideas, you can create the best lead-generating strategy for your business. 

Still, confused on which platforms to target or tools to use? Well, ask no more as here are 9 effective & proven methods to generate effective leads online.

Start by optimizing your site & improving SEO

Let’s be honest here, absolutely nobody on the internet likes to visit or use a slow website. Your website load speeds largely affect your organic growth because if your site isn’t quick, then the visitor will skip. Thus it becomes crucial for businesses to make sure their website is highly optimized & user-friendly. A quick loading website delivers a better user experience overall which always attracts new users. People run on tight schedules nowadays and are really not keen on waiting, thus they generally click on the first website which pops up. The best way you can optimize your site is through SEO. It not only helps you target potential clients through specially selected Keywords & content. SEO plays a huge role in the growth of your site as it helps you rank higher in Google (or any other search engine) making your website more visible than others. A well-executed SEO strategy gives your business a huge boost online, especially if there is cut-throat competition in your industry. Even though optimizing your site’s SEO may seem difficult & tiring, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Here are some effective & trusted ways in which you can improve your SEO: 

  • Create Quality & Interactive Content
  • Keep updating your content regularly
  • Review your Title & Keyword Metadata
  • Build Authoritative & trusted Backlinks
  • Describe your Images & Videos using Alt tags

Effective keyword research & targeting helps you to attract relevant leads related to your business. An effective SEO strategy makes it possible to analyze exactly what your customers are looking for allowing you to develop an appropriate response for the same. 

Create attractive PPC ads

Let’s assume you’ve built a strong & attractive SEO strategy for your business, but SEO is a long-term investment you cannot expect to see instant results after building a new SEO strategy. If you want to generate instant leads for your business then PPC is the way to go. PPC ads are a cost-effective & trusted way to generate effective leads online. They can be done through various trusted platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Bing Ads by targeting & bidding on relevant keywords related to your business & products. Just like the name suggests you only pay when the user clicks on your ad. This makes PPC a very economic option & also allows you to keep a track of your ads performance. Advertisement plays an important role in any business as it helps to attract quite a large number of leads very quickly, however using print & other digital forms of advertisement can be quite expensive sometimes. PPC helps businesses overcome this as it provides a great ROI & gives the freedom to withdraw or retire the ads whenever you want. Moreover, PPC ads are keyword targeted allowing you to attract only your target audience & help you avoid irrelevant & unnecessary leads. You might be paying a few pennies for each click or sometimes hundreds of dollars based on the keywords you target. Thus you have to make sure that your ads are well optimized & really stand out from the competition. But if you’re able to attract a lead that brings in thousands of dollars, I guess it’s a win-win, isn’t it?.

Build a Network on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Now that you’ve built a great SEO strategy & also started an attractive PPC campaign it’s time for you to improve the visibility of your business online. The best way you can increase awareness about your business & reach out to a larger group of audience is by building their profile on various Social Media platforms. In the past decade, Social Media has emerged as one of the best ways to connect with your customers and reach out to a younger & more active group of audience. However, just building a generic account & adding a couple of posts on your feed is not enough in today’s competition. Users want to see what exactly the business is up to & how can it provide value to them. You have to deliver attractive & creative content on Social media to generate more leads. You can do this by hiring a professional Digital Marketing or Social Media Management company that understands how various social media work & how you can interact with various customers. A good Social Media profile makes your business look more appealing & approachable & helps you create a long-lasting impact in the mind of users. Your growth on Social Media doesn’t only depend on your profile, it depends on the quality & reach of the networking you do. Building a good online network builds your reputation allowing you to connect & work with various leading businesses. Following are some of the most popular & highest growing social media platforms:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. Reddit and
  6. Pinterest

Deliver Valuable & Interactive content

You might have the best quality & most unique products but it would be of no use if the consumers can’t understand their benefits. The only way you can convey the benefits of your products to the consumers is through content. Content plays a very important role in building trust among consumers. There’s a saying which goes ‘It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best-promoted content that wins. Content is key when it comes to attracting leads as more persuasive & detailed content gives the consumer a better understanding of your products which builds assurance & trust. The main aim of your content should not be to promote your business or products rather it should add value to the users & help them solve their problems. Most importantly the content which you create shouldn’t be long & Boring, it should be interactive & to the point. One way you can improve the quality of your content is by hiring Copywriting agency that can help you write persuasive content for your landing & product pages. Here are some ways to increase conversion rates through your content:

  1. Write a Killer Headline
  2. Write an intriguing & creative first line
  3. Use infographics & visuals wherever possible
  4. Use power words to trigger emotions
  5. Make sure your content is easy to read
  6. Highlight Benefits over Features.

Conduct webinars & Podcasts

If you think that you’re an absolute genius in what you do & have the capacity & skill to train others then you should definitely hold a webinar with your audience. A webinar is a virtual seminar that allows users to interact with you live from the comfort of your home. A free Webinar is a gold mine for collecting leads. Free webinars are a gold mine for generating new leads as each participant has to register through their phone number & email allowing you to build a huge database for the same. However, the webinar shouldn’t be all about you, even though it is free the webinar should provide value & knowledge to the attendees. Your presentation should make you look like an expert so that the attendees can believe your products & services actually have the power to solve their problems. You should also keep a Q&A session at the end of the webinar to directly interact with the attendees & gain their trust. Make sure to send follow emails after each webinar to give the attendees a subtle reminder to visit your website & check out your products. 

Explore the world of Cold Emailing

Imagine you find a good business Online which interests you & you want to work/ collaborate with them but have no idea on how to approach them? Well, cold e-mails are the solution for you. One might find it difficult to believe but e-mails are still one of the best ways to generate good quality leads. Cold emails help you reach out to new leads & offer them a partnership proposal. Similar to the traditional method of Direct mail, cold emails allow you to promote your business to a very large group of audience. With a variety of tools available online you can create a custom database of the emails of Founders & CEOs of all the businesses you’re interested in working with. With an effective & attractive Cold email campaign, your business can attract a lot of relevant leads whom you can partner with in the future. However, just sending out generic emails to random businesses won’t do the trick. You have to study each business you target in detail & come up with a personalized first line for every individual person. Personalization makes your email look more attractive & shows the receiver that you’re actually interested in their business. You also need to send regular follow-ups to businesses that responded to your emails & showed some interest.

Add your Business on Listing directories

Many businesses think that adding their business to Google my business is the only listing they need. However this is not true, even tho GMB helps you attract a large number of new users, there are numerous websites on the internet that allow you to list your business for FREE!. A lot of users browse these websites on the Internet looking for businesses that can help them solve their problems. Some paid listing websites have thousands of monthly subscribers & also attract millions of new users every day. This gives your business great exposure & allows you to generate a large number of new leads. Thus it’s extremely important to add a detailed listing that contains everything about your business like timings, products & services, logo & images, employee details, social media handles, etc. Moreover, having your business listed on various websites makes it easier for Google to search your business which boosts your SEO score. Here are some leading & well-known listing Websites in India:

  1. Just Dial
  2. Sulekha
  3. Hot frog
  4. Crunchbase
  5. Trade India
  6. India Mart
  7. Yalwa
  8. Grotal & many more.

Connect with your Audience through Blogs

In a world where creating Video content is slowly taking over the entire internet, Blogging still has a huge impact. People love to read blogs as they’re informative, fun & easy to understand. Moreover, blogs provide quite a detailed explanation about a topic as compared to videos. Just like you’re reading this blog to learn more about lead generation many people also read blogs on different topics to get more information. Blog writing is one of the most effective ways to drive leads to your website & most importantly it’s free. Blog writing allows you to target a wide range of keywords & create content around it, this gives a huge boost to your SEO. Adding too many keywords in your core content can make it very unorganized & boring to read, blogs help you overcome this issue. As blogs are a part of your website, whenever a user searches for your particular keyword it will lead them to your blog & further your website. Thus blogs really boost your SEO score & generate quite a few leads. You can also promote your blog on various platforms like Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, etc which improves the visibility of your business. 

Use LinkedIn sales navigator 

Well, LinkedIn has been mentioned a couple of times in this blog & this is by far one of the best features it has to offer. LinkedIn offers a free as well as a paid account option, the paid version provides users LinkedIn sales navigator. It is a modern way of generating new leads which overcome the limitation of traditional methods of prospecting like cold calling. With over 690 million global members LinkedIn sales navigator allows you to overcome problems such as old & unreliable data, missing out on leading players, poor communication channels, etc. Through advanced search options, it allows you to search companies based on their industry & employees based on their recent job titles & skills. LinkedIn sales navigator provides  you a variety of benefits like: 

  1. Effective CRM integrations
  2. Targeted Searches
  3. Automated Lead generation
  4. Personalized messaging options
  5. Access to out-of-network connections
  6. Powerful sales insights & many more

However, every good thing comes at a cost & LinkedIn sales navigator is nothing different. LinkedIn offers 3 types of plans Professional, Team & Enterprise based on the size of your business. The professional plan costs $64.99/month which is billed at 779.88 annually & the enterprise plan costs $103.33/month billed at $1240 for the annual license. For teams above 10 LinkedIn suggests the Enterprise plan which has a custom quote. So it finally comes down to the size of your team to select the appropriate plan for your business. 

These are 9 of the most effective ways your business can generate quality leads online. Implementing & religiously working on them in your marketing strategy will help you drive some of the best leads for your business. However, all of these must be done with the help of professionals as the slightest of mistakes can cost you a lot of money. 

AdsCult is a leading digital marketing agency that helps you overcome this issue. Our team of talented & creative marketing experts helps you create a customized marketing plan helping you grow your business exponentially. Let us focus on generating new leads for your business while you focus on more important core operations. 

So give us a call at +91 8286273886 or email us at hello@adscult-v1.0.test & start with your digital marketing journey today. 


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