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Websites play a crucial role in the growth of modern businesses and it is extremely necessary to create a website that is fast, secure, reliable and most importantly scalable. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to select the right tools and platform while creating your business website. The platform you select must be secure and powerful and should allow you to showcase your business online with ease. PHP is one of the most powerful and efficient coding languages which helps you create interactive and intuitive websites and web applications. 

What Makes PHP so good? 

PHP is very fast and a strong language with the capacity to handle complex content, databases, as well as creating entire e-commerce websites. PHP is compatible with a large number of libraries and frameworks which enhances its capabilities even further. Over the years PHP has grown largely in popularity and is a preferred choice by many developers, here are some reasons that make PHP a great choice for website and web app development: 

  • Highly Adaptable and Flexible 
  • Improved loading speeds for websites 
  • Provides great security and compatibility 
  • Time-efficient and Easy to maintain 
  • Open-source with Inexpensive Hosting  

Selecting the right PHP development agency is a tedious but also a very important task. You have to be very cautious regarding which agency you choose as PHP is a very advanced language and any mistakes can cost you a lot of time, money and effort.  

Several factors have to be taken into consideration before hiring a PHP development company. The right company can help you create a website that is a valuable and profit-generating asset. 

So here are some of the most important things that you should look into before hiring a PHP development company.  

Experience in the Industry 

Experience is Key when it comes to selecting the right company for PHP development. You have to make sure that the company carries out work in a professional and organized manner. You must ensure that the company has considerable experience in dealing with PHP along with its frameworks and libraries to build high-security, high-performance and stable websites for your business. You can get information regarding the company’s experience and success by browsing through their website. The higher the experience of the company the better will be the results. Experienced companies offer ready-made solutions for common development needs and also deal with any mishaps and problems quite effectively. Thus you should always make sure that the company you choose has sufficient experience and knowledge in working with PHP. 

Development Cost and Time  

Selecting a company with good experience is important but it is also important to check whether their charges are reasonable or not. You must make sure that your website is created and online within the given time frame and at a reasonable development cost. The cost should match the profile and experience of the company, you have to make sure that you are not overpaying for any services. Many companies offer different packages and payment methods to clients, some give you an estimate on the total cost while some charge you by the hour. The development time required by the company also plays a crucial role, the greater the time required higher the development cost. Thus it is crucial to have a fixed time frame, the company should also have the capacity to finish your project within tight deadlines. You should look for companies that offer lucrative packages which provide regular maintenance along with some added benefits. 

Previous Projects and Customer Feedback 

Before hiring a company, you should always conduct a thorough background check of all the clients that they have worked with. Checking the company’s portfolio will help you understand what business industries do they serve best and do major businesses trust their services. You can browse the web and read customer reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding of whether or not their services were satisfactory to others. A great company is always willing to flaunt their achievements and customer reviews, this is a good sign as it proves that they take pride in their work. If you don’t feel satisfied even after reading the reviews you can always reach out to the company to ask for a more detailed description of their work. Go ahead and browse the website of some of their clients, this would give you a first-hand experience of their work and make sure that they provide consistent results to each client.  

Ability to Adapt to Changes

Just like the developers need to stay updated regarding any changes, the company should also adapt to these changes in an effective manner. The company you select must be able to extract the best results from these updates. The company should also be ready with solutions to any mishaps that take place during the development process. If there are any problems due to some technical issues or miscommunication, the company must not stop or delay the development, rather it should be ready with a solid backup plan to overcome these difficulties. The company’s ability to adapt to such changes shows you its real potential and whether or not it’s the right choice for your project.  

Communication and Support 

Communication skills are a very important attribute of a PHP development company. The company should be able to convey its ideas and plans to you effectively. The company should always avoid any miscommunications and blunders and should update you regarding any changes via mail, telephone, SMS, etc. Lack of communication can cause a lot of difficulties and may ruin your project costing you a lot more time and resources. There should be a proper understanding between both parties regarding the strategies, outcomes, cost and time, etc. The company should maintain full transparency with you and provide you regular support whenever necessary. If there are any geographical barriers between you and the company there should be a proper channel for regular communication and support, this keeps you updated with the project and also helps the company to avoid any mistakes.  

Ask For a Detailed Questionnaire 

detailed questionnaire helps you to clear any doubts and project-related queries which you have in your mind. A good company never refuses to offer their clients a detailed questionnaire about their work as it helps in building trust. It also helps the company understand what are your requirements and expectations for the project. This helps both the parties and creates mutual trust and understanding which always helps in the future. Thus you should always ask your selected service provider for a detailed questionnaire that helps you list down all the requirements of your Project.  

Understand their Methodology and execution Process 

Every company has a different set of processes that they follow for their development process. Always check upon the methodologies which the company uses in dealing with their clients and projects. You must make sure that the company which you select makes use of the latest technology and tools. You should also look into understanding the company’s execution process for future development. Understand how the company will deal with any changes in the future and will the development process live up to your expectations and goals. The methods which a company uses and the way it deals with clients give you a vast idea of whether the company suits your needs or not.  

Creative Skills and Specialisation 

This is a vital factor that helps you in making the right choice for selecting the right company. Along with technical knowledge and expertise, the company should have some unique and creative benefit which makes it stand out from others. Having some unique and creative features helps you deliver a better user experience which drives more traffic to your website. Hiring a company that has specialized experience in working with PHP and handling similar businesses like yours helps your business to stay ahead of the competition. A company with specialized knowledge about your particular industry gives you an edge over others as it already has readymade solutions built to cater to your needs. You can always check the company’s portfolio. 


Selecting a PHP development company for your project is quite a difficult decision. You have to make sure it fulfills all requirements on your checkbox. If you too are on the search for a reliable and professional PHP development agency, then AdsCult is the right choice for you. Our experienced and talented developers create leading websites which keep you ahead of others. So join the Cult and create professional websites for your business with AdsCult. 



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