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You don’t have to be a professional web developer or designer to know about WordPress, you may have come across and used multiple websites built using WordPress while browsing on the internet. WordPress is one of the simplest platforms that you can use to create your Business Website or Blog. Over 40% of all websites on the internet are built using WordPress which gives you an idea of its popularity and Reliability. 

Over the years WordPress has grown significantly in popularity, many developers claim WordPress to be the #1 platform for web development. The reason for this is that WordPress offers users great features and a large variety of tools to work with. Moreover, the simplicity of the Platform makes it user-friendly delivering some of the best web development experiences. Here are some amazing features which WordPress has to offer: 

  • Extremely flexible and Adaptable 
  • Highly Optimised and SEO friendly Platform 
  • It’s Open-Source 
  • Strong Community Support 
  • Highly responsive and Scalable 
  • Delivers Great Speed and efficiency 
  • Built-in Blog Support 

And The list goes on, WordPress is truly a feature-rich platform that helps you build some of the most creative and amazing Websites on the Internet. WordPress is the most effective and efficient CMS that you can use to create your website. 

However, due to its simplicity, many questions arise in the mind of users like: 

Is WordPress reliable? 

What about SEO and ads? 

Is WordPress secure? 

Do I still get to keep control over my website? Etc, etc. 

Not to worry we have the answers to all your questions, this article will help you understand what makes WordPress so good, what it truly has to offer and why should you use it to create your Website. 

Can you Create Professional and Powerful Websites with WordPress? 

WordPress is not a new platform, it’s been around for a very long time making it extremely stable and reliable. WordPress has a very large ecosystem, with 11,000 themes and over 57,000 plugins WordPress provides you a wide variety of choices allowing you to create flexible and scalable websites. From E-commerce stores, Blogs, Business websites, forums to Social networks, Resumes and pretty much anything that your business needs can be built with WordPress. So the answer is YES, you can create professional websites for your business using WordPress. It is a great platform to start with allowing you to create your website quite efficiently and effectively. 

Is WordPress a Good choice for creating an E-commerce Store? 

WordPress is not the most common name that comes to mind while creating an e-commerce store, many think WordPress can’t be for e-commerce development, which is not true. WordPress has all the tools and elements you need to create an e-commerce store, what makes it a good or bad choice comes down to your business and your needs. WordPress is a Reliable and Secure CMS making it extremely flexible to build your e-commerce store. WordPress offers great e-commerce focused Plugins that allow you to create interactive and user-friendly websites that generate higher sales. Some Plugins make it easier for you to transform your WordPress website into an e-commerce store. ‘WooCommerce’ a very popular e-commerce Plugin helps you create feature-rich e-commerce stores. WooCommerce allows you to: 

  • Provide Multiple payment options 
  • Create customized product Pages 
  • Easily calculate sales tax 
  • Create Optimised Pages for Search Engines 
  • Create attractive Storefronts 
  • Set different delivery options 

Is WordPress truly SEO-friendly and does it help you increase Organic Traffic? 

The answer to this question no matter who you ask would be a Big Yes. WordPress is a great platform to create SEO-friendly and highly optimized websites. The code used by WordPress is very clean and simple making it easier for search engines to crawl and index. WordPress allows you to customize your URL PermaLinks for each of your pages and posts, it also helps you add a clear description for content and keywords making your URL structure search engine friendly. Moreover, WordPress also provides image optimization allowing you to add titles and alt text to your images making your content highly optimized which in turn improves your rankings. You can also build a strong SILO and link to related posts and blogs with custom Plugins, this significantly improves your SEO capabilities creating a strong internal link structure for your website. WordPress is a great platform to use if you want to increase your Organic growth. However, it is also necessary to have a strong and effective SEO strategy. 

What makes WordPress one of the Best Platform to Start Your Blog 

Starting a blog is extremely beneficial for you as a business and individual, blogs help you provide value to your audience which in turn improves your reach leading to higher sales. WordPress was initially started as a platform to post blogs and has grown significantly over the years. It is one of the most reliable and popular CMS used by many companies and individuals as it offers built-in Blog support which helps you save a lot of time. WordPress is an Open-source platform meaning it is backed up by a huge community making it easier for you to solve all your queries and difficulties. The biggest benefit of starting a blog on WordPress is that your blog will be self-hosted with your domain name which helps you in saving a lot of time and resources. With WordPress, you have complete control over your blogs and can reach out to your audience more effectively. Here are some more reasons why you should choose WordPress for your Blog: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • SEO benefits 
  • Wide Variety of Themes 
  • Plugin Support 
  • Highly secure and better visibility 

After reading all this you must have agreed on one thing for sure, that WordPress is one of the, if not the best Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. WordPress delivers great flexibility and reliability allowing you to keep control over your website. Being an open-source CMS creating websites using WordPress takes lesser time and resources. However, one might think that due to its simplicity and efficiency you cannot create Business Websites using WordPress, well this is not the case. WordPress is a great platform for all Types of Business websites, you can create your own B2B, B2C and e-commerce website using WordPress. It is a great choice for start-ups who want to take their business online but are limited by their budget. 

With WordPress Development grow your B2C business Online 

WordPress is a reliable option if you want to take your business online. WordPress offers users frequent updates and maintenance cheques allowing you to create scalable websites that can handle future growth. It has large community support which respond quickly to any security concerns making your website secure providing a better user experience. WordPress is secure, flexible, and scalable making it the right platform for you to build your B2C website. It also offers several other benefits making WordPress an ideal choice for your business such as : 

Great SEO support 

You might have the best SEO strategies and ideas out there but it would have no use if your website is not optimised to support it. WordPress is a great choice when it comes to SEO, websites built using WordPress are easier to index and provide quick loading speeds. WordPress manages your content quite efficiently and allows you to control the SEO elements for each of your web pages helping you analyze your website and select the best strategy for your business. 

Mobile Friendly 

A vast majority of users shop online using their mobiles rather than using desktops and laptops. Thus, it has become extremely necessary to create websites that offer great support on Mobile as well. Having a mobile-friendly website allows you to reach a larger audience which generates higher sales. Similarly, if your website is not mobile-friendly users will immediately avoid purchasing your goods. WordPress is a great platform to build websites that are responsive and supportive on Mobiles as well as Desktop. 

Advanced features and functionality 

We have already discussed how WordPress offers several Plugins and Themes, well these plugins are really helpful when creating a B2C website. Plugins allow you to add more and better features to your website making your website interactive and fun to use. Everything you need to create a B2C website is available on WordPress, from multiple payment portals to forums, membership programs, reviews and rating options everything can be added using WordPress. 

Social Media Integration 

Social Media plays an important role if you want to grow your business online. Through social media, you can attract new customers as well as retain older ones. This makes it extremely crucial for your business to connect with your users on Social Media. Using WordPress you can link all your social media accounts through your website allowing users to connect with your business easily. 

WordPress overall is a very great platform to create B2C websites that not only improve your business’ visibility Online but also drives more leads and sales. 

Can you create Professional B2B websites with WordPress? 

Yes, you can create professional and Profitable B2B websites for your business with WordPress. From small start-ups to big companies WordPress delivers amazing designs and great functionality to your business websites. WordPress offers a large variety of themes that help you build creative and responsive designs for your websites. With WordPress, you can create powerful websites that allow you to connect with other buyers and sellers online and gain their trust. With a company like AdsCult, you can create amazing B2B websites for your business using WordPress. Here are some of the benefits of Using WordPress for B2B development: 

Relatively Easier to Manage 

WordPress websites don’t require high-end programming making them easier to build, maintain and update. This makes it one less trouble for you as a business owner to worry about as websites built using websites are not high maintenance. This allows you to focus your time and resources on other aspects of your business while growing your business online. 

Highly customizable themes 

With WordPress, you can not only customize the way your website looks but also how it functions. It’s very easy to update your website as your need increases. With a professional web development company, you can create scalable B2B websites using WordPress. 

Effectively Manages Content 

Content is the key for any business website to grow. Persuasive and effective content leads to more sales, conversions and leads. WordPress is a user-friendly CMS that makes it easier to manage articles, blogs, product and category pages and all other content delivering an overall better experience to users. 

Security and confidentiality 

While creating any website it’s extremely important to make it secure, in the case of a B2B website it’s even more important. To tackle security concerns your business can rely on managed WordPress hosting services. These services conduct scans that protect your website from harmful and unwanted security breaches. 

There you have it, all your queries answered about whether or not you should choose WordPress to create a professional website. WordPress is a great choice for businesses of every type and can help your business grow exponentially. Want to start with WordPress development but don’t know where to start? Join AdsCult and get access to professional WordPress development services. 

AdsCult is a leading Web development company that helps you create interactive and intuitive websites. We provide professional WordPress development services helping you save time and manage your resources effectively. Our developers create powerful and unique WordPress Websites which help your business stand out, keeping you ahead of the competition. 


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