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Social media once was just something fun to engage and connect with your friends and family online. However, social media is now a branding and marketing technique crucial for the growth of businesses no matter what their size or industry is. 

People today spend a lot of time on social media for fun, business, or professional reasons. It is not surprising, then, that those social networks have become a primary source of information for buyers looking to research particular products or services. This need and addiction for searching everything online help marketers use social media to connect with potential buyers.

Every day, brands, organizations, and institutions use social media platforms to interact with their audiences, spread awareness, and generate leads which thereby increase sales. Brands can effectively share information to their followers about campaigns, initiatives, and new products and services by posting on one or more major social media networks. If a large number of your followers view and react to your posts, it significantly improves brand awareness and drives more sales.  

However, having thousands of inactive followers does not talk about your social media success. You can have lakhs of followers on a social media platform but it’s of no use if they never read, engage and react in a particular way to your content. The key is to develop a thriving online community of your fans, those who will involve with your content, share it with their connections, and eventually bring in more conversions.

It requires a lot of time and effort to attract a highly active follower base, but these efforts pay off quite significantly in the long run. If you’re just getting started in growing your brand online, then this is the right place for you! Being a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we at AdsCult have listed 5 key pillars that you need to build upon to drive social media growth

1. Build an engaging Social and Content Strategy

It may seem obvious, but one of every four businesses engages in social media marketing without a social and content plan. They understand that by doing so, they will be able to reach more customers but do not have a strategy in place. Suppose a company wants to drive sales and leads from social media successfully. In that case, it must have a strategy that outlines a clear path for incorporating social media into its marketing strategy.

After selecting an appropriate social network, you can work on determining what specific strategies are working for your competitors and create a quirky and informative content calendar based on your user persona. A content calendar simplifies the planning, scheduling, and organization of social media posts for the entire month, assisting you in planning and executing regular content production. 

If you intend to publish on social media, the first step should be to develop a social strategy. You may be starting to wonder how to develop a social strategy. To develop a customer-centric strategy, you need to ask yourself 3 questions: 

  1. What are your goals? 
  2. Which social media platform will assist you in achieving your objective? 
  3. What kind of content interests your audience?  

Good quality content engages your audience and garners interest in your product/service and AdsCult being a professional Content creation agency in Mumbai helps you do so. You must remember that creating compelling content for social media requires not only humor but also authoritative knowledge of the industry, the audience, the medium, and practice. Brands should not be afraid to experiment while creating a content strategy to see what works best for them, whether the results are positive or negative.

2. Set a long-term Plan of Action

As social media users grow, every brand is working on maintaining a consistent presence on social media. With the proper planning, you can generate and create tailored campaigns for specific audience groups. A social media campaign is much more than sharing pictures or videos on your social profile; therefore it requires detailed planning and professional execution to drive maximum results.  

You should be aware of when your prospective customers are on social media and what type of content is most likely to grab their attention. Therefore, the planning phase helps you establish your brand’s objectives and goals. Without objectives, your brand has no way of measuring success or proving the ROI of your campaigns. Your social media campaigns should align with the overall marketing strategy so that social media efforts contribute to achieving business objectives.

After you’ve created a plan and put it into action, make sure to constantly test it. Keep track of your successes and failures, and then tweak your social media marketing strategy accordingly. You need to select the networks that best support your brand’s vision and objectives. Each social network has a distinct audience and should be treated as such. If your company already is present on some platforms, make sure that you develop effective plans to maintain a rhythm on them as well!

3. Focus on driving engagement

Engagement looks different for each business, and you must understand what that means for yours. Make sure you understand who you want to engage and how you’ll know when you’ve met your goals and objectives.

Once your engagement goals have been defined, you can use audience data to determine the best way to meet these goals. Understanding and measuring what is happening on your social media profiles is the first step in increasing engagement. Once you know how frequently someone visits your profile, how much time they spend on it, and when they’re likely to make a purchase, you alter your approach to drive better engagement.

In the early stages, your profile may not have a large number of followers who can interact with you via comments and direct messages. However, if you start posting engaging and valuable content regularly, you’ll notice a sharp increase in your followers.

As your social media followers grow, you can analyze their interactions through comments, tags and mentions as well as direct messages. And if you consistently post engaging content, there is a chance that they will begin sharing your content.

You should also focus on solving multiple employee queries and responding to inquiries. If they have a problem, try to solve it, and if they provide positive feedback and compliments about your brand and product, thank them.

4. Conduct regular Analyses & Generate Reports  

When analyzing or creating a social media insights report, there are several important factors to consider. It would be best to begin by determining the relevant metrics as per your needs and campaign objectives. Social media marketers commonly track the number of posts, likes, shares, comments, story and video views, clicks, and web traffic to determine the success of a campaign.

Establishing and evaluating relevant KPIs isn’t the only factor when creating social media monitoring reports. Always examine and filter your data for hidden insights that can help you improve your performance by looking at it from different perspectives. Establish an accurate reporting timetable and automate report delivery to stay on top of social media performance metrics. Using analytics and reporting tools gives you instant and accurate data that can be easily visualized, saving your precious time. You should focus on analyzing data such as:

5. Smartly Plan your Advertising

Ads are a well-known aspect of social media. Advertising has seen a large amount of growth in recent years, with total ad spending expected to reach $173 billion in 2022

Investing in Ads assists you in reaching the most significant number of users and displaying advertisements to your target audience.

Social networks use user information to serve highly relevant ads based on interactions within one platform. When the target market matches the user demographic characteristics of a social platform, social advertising can significantly increase conversions and sales at a lower acquisition cost.

There’s no doubt that Social media is the most effective platform for building brand awareness for small and large-scale businesses and is not expected to slow down. It’s the perfect way to increase your brand’s visibility, build a good relationship with your potential customers, and establish two-way communication by developing a comprehensive social media strategy.

Therefore, it’s essential to nurture your socials as they can be a major force in driving business growth. By focusing on these 5 pillars, you will notice quite a significant boost in your social media reach.  And if you own a business that can make users’ lives easier, start promoting it on social media platforms. Maintain consistency and publish high-quality content to educate and entertain your readers.

AdsCult is a leading Web development company in Mumbai that has assisted many brands and businesses develop a customer-centric marketing strategy. Our talented team of brand specialists and social media experts helps you strengthen your business online and drive more sales. So give us a call today and ‘Make IT Happen’ with AdsCult!


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