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Whether you’ve had experience in working in the digital field or not, you must’ve surely heard about WordPress at least once in your life & asked yourself, what exactly is WordPress? In the simplest of ways, WordPress is the easiest and most commonly used platform to create a website or blog. WordPress powers nearly 43.3% of all websites on the web. Yes, your maths is right & more than one in every four websites you visit is likely to be powered by WordPress (including this one!).

In practical terms, WordPress is an open-source content management system, which implies that anyone can use or change the WordPress software for free. A content management system (CMS) is essentially a tool that allows you to manage crucial components of your website, such as content & design without needing to have in-depth knowledge of programming. As a result, WordPress makes website creation simple for everybody – even those who aren’t developers! 

What Are the Benefits of Using WordPress?

WordPress is used by well-known businesses like the White House, Sony Music, The New York Times, Microsoft, etc. But what about your business? Are you still using old & outdated platforms to power your website or don’t have a website at all? Well, don’t worry as AdsCult is one of the best Web development company in Mumbai & can help you build a strong WordPress website. Regardless of the type of website you want to create, there are several reasons to use WordPress.

So here are 7 reasons why WordPress is an excellent choice for building a website for your business: 

1. Reliable & Trustworthy

WordPress was created in 2003 making it one of the oldest & most reliable CMS platforms out there. It was created at a time when no one had even heard of a content management system (CMS) or a blogging platform. While it began as a blogging tool, it quickly evolved into the go-to platform for everyone from business owners to programmers with little to no IT skills. WordPress’s longevity ensures that it’s stable with all the security updates & improvements, it‘s here to stay for a long period of time. Some of the newest CMS platforms don’t inspire the same trust; they struggle to establish a significant customer base due to unreliability or slow speed & many of them are acquired by competitors or shut down totally. Fun fact; WordPress is used to construct nearly 500 new websites every day (crazy right!).

2. Better Content Optimization

WordPress offers a wide range of content creation capabilities as it was created with a content editor in mind. While providing a fantastic user experience is essential, having an easy and seamless interface for having to add and editing content can have a significant impact on the quality of your content. If this process goes well, your website will be more valuable, and WordPress provides a best-in-class content editing solution to your business.

WordPress’s focus on accessibility and inclusivity, allows your message to reach a wide range of audiences through content. Using a CMS that works “independent of device or ability” allows you to concentrate on maximizing the user experience rather than monitoring and modifying a proprietary system.

3. Large Community Support

The world is shifting away from proprietary, closed-off technologies that offer minimum or no security towards open, linked tools and services. WordPress, as an open-source project, provides complete freedom, flexibility, and customization. When you use WordPress, you have access to an entire ecosystem of developers, designers, and WordPress-specific businesses.

Choosing an open-source CMS like WordPress has numerous advantages, the biggest being the community support that it offers. The software has been thoroughly tested, but there is a development community eager to participate in the future. It also offers other major benefits like: 

Increased Freedom

Proprietary solutions frequently make updates and integrations more difficult, whereas open-source solutions eliminate the possibility of vendor lock-in. It’s time for fresh technologies. Using WordPress you’re no longer at the mercy of a certain vendor’s plan, pricing structure, or business decisions giving you a lot of freedom.

Increased flexibility

Open-source solutions enable your organization to implement updates & innovate at its own pace. It allows you in responding to market changes and concerns with agility without relying on a provider. Furthermore, you are never locked into WordPress; if you should ever decide to switch platforms, it is simple to export your data making it quite flexible.

Simple Customization

Does your business have special needs & require a lot of customization? No worries as WordPress probably has a plugin that meets your requirements from its 57000+ plugins. If not, WordPress provides a rich set of APIs that your team or agency can utilize to create custom plugins for almost any use.

4. Up to date with the latest technologies

The WordPress team is committed to continually maintaining and improving the platform, ensuring that the CMS remains a functional and modern solution for business in the many years to come.

It’s critical to consider the long-term viability of a CMS while making a decision. So choose a solution that can grow with you as your business expands. WordPress is a good choice for forward-thinking site owners because of its commitment to backward compatibility and modern development, as well as its local community. 

5. Offers limitless scalability

As the owner of a business website, you must be ready for any type of mishaps. This makes it crucial to have a dependable platform in order to properly scale your website. WordPress, with the proper infrastructure and development processes along with the right plugins & integrations in place, can push hundreds of millions of page views per month.

Best Practices For WordPress Scalability

Plugins and themes: Always use high-quality plugins and themes to make your website appealing & function smoothly. Before installing any code, ensure that it is efficient and performs well.

Caching: Most performance-related issues in computing revolve around cache optimization. So make sure to use a high-speed object cache in addition to a full-page cache.

6. Best platform for Blogging

You might be wondering how this ended up on the list. Well, WordPress rose to prominence as a blogging platform and is still regarded as such by many. The default option of WordPress is for the home page to be a blog, indicating that it prioritizes a lot on blogging. Aside from the incredible developments in CMS, the blog feature remains the finest in the industry. You won’t find a better blog solution with categories, tags, threaded-comments, simple theming, widgets, amazing moderating controls, anti-spam measures, and plugin infrastructure. Including a blog on a WordPress site is a fantastic method to engage and attract people while improving your SEO score & ranking.

7. It’s Robust & safe

The “Famous 5 Minute Installation” has long been a selling point for WordPress. WordPress is not only simple to set up, but it’s also surprisingly simple to update for security and new features. When a new version is released, WordPress will provide you with a simple link to upgrade with a single click.

All of these benefits make WordPress the most popular platform for creating websites. WordPress is an excellent option for building a website, for your eCommerce business & AdsCult helps you to do so!

With the expert developers & designers, we at AdsCult help you learn the technicalities of WordPress & build your own custom site. From web development to maintenance & optimization, we do it all. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get in touch with us & build your WordPress website today!


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